Market Update (July 14, 2017)

(OpisBoi‘s Technocopter) Once again, the Indonesia Benchmark Stocks were inched higher by 0.19% rests at 5,830.04 level edged below its opening level. Total number of stocks traded were 5,712,257,189 shares or equivalent with IDR5.74tn, whilst foreign investor generate a total nett sell by IDR824.1bn across the board.

9 out of 10 sectors closed modestly higher, whereas Infrastructure dipped for -0.47%, basic-industry gained by 0.46%, and financial 0.32%.

Takuri Line after the last Ladder Bottom Formation indicates the market may try to move further north and reach for its 5,850s resistance. Having said that, a jittery market with the vollatility around 1.7%  in the last 5 trading days, JCI is expected to move between 5,819 – 5,853 areas.

These stocks might still have some room for trading (TradingBuy); TLKM UNVR GGRM HMSP BBRI BMRI SMGR INTP ADRO PTBA; You should also need to watch closely on; WSBP MDLN ASRI SGRO GIAA PTPP NIKL PSAB(OnScreen); BUMI HRTA BWPT BRMS DEWA PWON CTRA SMRA;

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