Market Update (July 10, 2017)

(OpisBoi‘s Technocopter) JCI shrunk by -0.59% ends to 5,814.79pts with a total of 5,810,449,756 shares traded or equivalent with IDR6.41tr total value, last weekend. Led by Properties and Consumers Sectors, which were drowned by 1.37% and 1.03% respectively. Where foreign investors were also posted a net sell by IDR332bn across the board.

Barely failed to form a Below the Stomach Candle to conclude its downtrend formation, with 5,797 – 5,804 for its psychological support, JCI likely have to struggle to climb back to the 5,900s resistance. On the other hand, it is likely possible for the JCI to form of a positive momentum and trade around 5,795-5,839 pts areas as shown that the index traded at the 7.33% oversold Stochastic. Or at least should be able to hold the index at the 5,800s.

These stocks might still have some room for trading (TradingBuy); TLKM AALI BJBR MAPI SRIL AKRA AGRO ANTM TOWR; Foreign Investors eyed on some of these stocks; BMTR BHIT RIMO IIKP(OnScreen); BUMI HRTA BWPT BRMS DEWA PWON CTRA SMRA;


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