Market Update (June 5, 2017)

(OpisBoi‘s Technocopter)¬†JCI edge up by 0.07% to close at 5,742.45 pts, last Friday. With a total of 136,090,294 shares, or equivalent with IDR8.95tr trading values. Fallen stocks outnumbered the rising ones by 196 and 143, where Foreign Investors recorded a total Net Sell by IDR27bn across the board.

JCI in need for a fresh news and prone to go sideways, as the volatility steady around 1.0% in the last 5 trading days. Liquidity is still in the market, average daily trading value marked around IDR8,23tr for May and registered a total of IDR7.81tr average daily base on year to date basis. Foreign Investors recorded IDR21.41tr across the board, for the same period. USD/IDR maintained around IDR13,280-13,356 levels. Continue reading “Market Update (June 5, 2017)”


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