Market Update (May 26, 2017)

(OpisBoi‘s Technocopter) Last Wednesday, JCI barely able to climb back to the 5,700s and slipped at the closing bell by -0.5% to 5,703.43 pts. There were 209 shares declined, mostly led by the financial sectors which were weakened by -0.82% and the other 138 shares rose. Foreign investors booked a total net purchased of IDR11bn across the board, while the market recorded a total value of IDR6.44tr from 94,670,903.00 shares.

A Bullish Meeting Lines candles, should give JCI a room to mold a reversal formation within its mix wave in this Friday’s trading sessions. At least, some of these heavy weight stocks had a potential technical rebound near its random support; ASII TLKM BBCA and UNVR. JCI expected to walk around 5,685 – 5,740 pts, with 5,671 a stop-loss and cut loss level as well.

Some of these stocks still have a potential upside to cease the selling pressures, and hold the market steady (TradingBuy); ASII BBCA PGAS ADRO PTBA UNTR HMSP; Foreign Investors eyed on some of these stocks; BSDE LPKR ASRI AGRO MCOR LPPF WTON WSBP(OnScreen); BUMI BWPT BRMS DEWA PWON CTRA SMRA;


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