Market Update (May 23, 2017)

(OpisBoi‘s Technocopter) JCI dipped by -0.73% slid at 5,749.45 pts, after recording a new high at 5,874.44. Towed after Consumer, Manufacturing and Mining sectors paired losses by -2.51%, -1.41% and -1.17%, respectively. Market made a total value of IDR7.70tr, taken from 96,733,063.00 number of shares traded. IDR675.86bn Foreign Net Purchased were recorded, across the board.

187 shares managed to post a positive result, outnumber the declining stocks which came at 175 whilst 107 others end at the same price. Where as Properties stocks were hunted by local as well as foreign investors, and tried to push the JCI away from its daily’s critical support at 5,745-5,749. Market Update (May 22, 2017)

OpisBoi‘s Trendicators find a Bearish Meeting Lines Candle, which can perform a short-term bullish continuation. Since the trend leading to the candle is an upward cycle and the distribution signal entering its positive area, this could give more time to us to set the exit plan or price a little bit higher.

JCI expected to walk around 5,743-5,835 pts areas. Should JCI fail to get back to the 5,800 area, you neet to draw your stop loss and as well as the cut loss level at 5,690 pts.

Some of these stocks still have a potential upside to cease the selling pressures, and hold the market steady (TradingBuy); BBCA ASII TLKM PGAS ADRO PTBA UNTR WIKA WSKT WTON CPIN JPFA; Foreign Investors eyed on some of these stocks; BSDE BBTN BJTM PNBN BSDE LPKR BEST LPPF(OnScreen); BUMI BWPT BRMS DEWA PWON CTRA SMRA;


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