Market Update (May 3, 2017)

(OpisBoi‘s Technocopter) JCI (Indonesia Composite Index) took a few step back and retreated for -0.17% closed at 5,675.81 bps with a total of 84,660,898.00 shares traded, twisted away from its uptrend support at  5,685 – 5,690 bps range last Tuesday. Pulled away from its peak where Mining, Property, and Basic-Industry Sectors slumped respectively by 1.95%, 1.34% and 1.17%. Foreign Investors made another Net bought for IDR838.37 on a Regular Board. 

Three Outside Down Formation supposedly a negative trend, signaling that the market were slowing down, on the stochastic overbought trading point at 72.34/77.87 areas.

From the OpisBoitechindicator’s tidbits, JCI is setting up a reversal around the 5,640 – 5,675 bps supports and expected to walk around 5,655-5,695 bps areas. This time, you might want to set your stop loss level at 5,610 bps and mark the cut loss level at 5,540 bps as well.

Some of these stocks might still be interesting and should hold the market steady (TradingBuy); HMSP GGRM TLKM CPIN SMGR;  but you might want to hit and run on some of these stocks (TradingSell); LPKR WSBP SMCB BMTR BHIT ; Foreign Investors eyed on some of these stocks; LPPF ERAA BEST (OnScreen); BUMI BWPT BRMS DOID PWON;


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